Royal College of Surgeons

Our branding and editorial design for the Faculty of Dental Surgery has been well received and recognised with an excellence award.


  • Brand identity and guidelines
  • Editorial design
  • Illustration


The FDJ is a quarterly journal. We created the branding for this back in 2009 and have provided front-cover illustrations for 28 issues and counting, using a distinctive line-drawing style.


As well as our work on the FDJ, we have created the mast head and cover design for the Royal College of Surgeon’s flagship journal, The Bulletin.

The FDJ is distributed to around 5,500 members – it won a prestigious ALPSP award for the best new journal in 2013. See all the back issue covers here.

The RCS journal, The Bulletin has passed 99 editions and under our new-look design reaches 24,000 readers in print and more and more in digital form.