Energy Institute

Our second Energy Institute Statistical Review of World Energy has just been launched, and includes some new features for 2024 to continue to build on the work we undertook last year.


Highlights to look out for include a distinctive yet thematically consistent abstract energy graphic for the front cover, an extended Foreword that includes contributions from the Energy Institute’s partners KPMG and Kearney, an extended key highlights section and a new regional overview section that explores the world’s changing energy landscape.


We’ve also added introductory pages for each energy type, beginning each section of data with a reader-friendly narrative overview, an image and a related chart.


  • Conceptual design
  • Representing data in a range of graphic styles
  • Typesetting
  • Proofreading
  • Retouching
  • Social media assets

‘The Statistical Review of World Energy is a complex annual project requiring impactful graphical content and attention to minute numerical detail, with a very challenging turnaround. Having The Big Window on board, with their creativity, professionalism and patience, gives us confidence along that journey.


‘Having already upped the visual impact of the report last year, The Big Window once again delivered on new attention-grabbing elements for the 2024 report, focused on energy types and regions. Their keen eyes on the small print have also ensured consistency and accuracy, working calmly and at pace to get it over the line for launch day.


‘The report has once again been extremely well received and, thanks in large part to The Big Window, serves to enhance the reputation of the Energy Institute in the eyes of users and stakeholders.’


Nick Turton FEI External Affairs Director,
Energy Institute

The oil, natural gas and coal Sankey diagrams that were so well received last year have been retained and some data sets have been expanded, particularly in electricity and renewables. Grid-scale battery storage and more granular data on solar and wind have been added this year, reflecting the acceleration of the energy transition.


The new Statistical Review was launched at an event in London, with a Q&A and global webcast demonstrating the ongoing respect and appetite for the publication with users around the world.


To view PDF click here.