BP’s Technology Outlook uses complex data and ideas to ‘imagine’ future trends in sustainable technology. We created a multi-media campaign that made it more accessible, interactive and compelling.


  • Identity design
  • Illustration
  • Infographics
  • Data design
  • Print design
  • Animation

Technology Outlook speculates on the future of technology across a broad time frame – running forward to 2050. We used our creative imagination to share some of BP’s striking ideas for a more sustainable world.

We brought BP’s thinking and data to life. We created a strong, positive look and feel and applied this to a book, a summary and an animation based on BP’s overall conclusions.


The book, summary and animation we created were used at the Technology Outlook launch in London and at other events in Texas, Washington DC and Cambridge University.


Our Technology Outlook graphics featured in the press, on, on social media platforms and short films that achieved over 680,000 Youtube views.